Why Technology Is Important In Our Daily Life?


It is always rightly said that “we don’t use technology, we live by it”

In order, to emphasize the importance of technology in India we celebrate May 11 as national technology day.

A few decades before technology was something enigmatic at present technology is so significant we can even imagine our life without it we can truly say our world is currently tech-driven. presently technology is so widespread even the very common man on the streets has access to it.

In the event of the national day 2022 let’s pause and look back at the 5 technology that is widespread and we won’t be able to possibly take them back from our life


smart phones almost brought the first wave of a tech-driven world mobile phone is no longer just a communication device but rather a very powerful tool you can have the whole world in the pocket of your shirt (nevertheless it isn’t advisable to carry it in the pocket… but yea who cares ☻) the critics of modernizations decry smartphones as portable spy people willingly carry. but all said and done we are not going to part from this little tech

Wearable tech

with the advent of the smartphone, these also came into the show and now it is a part of all wrists of sudden it had become a priority to complete 1000000 steps this little tech will track your heart rate, stress level, sugar in your blood just with a small band you can get all these pieces of information in your fingertips

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the portable computer was the complete game-changer idea when it comes to harnessing the full power of technology even though smartphones have almost all the capabilities of a laptop. the good old laptop is irreplaceable

with the balance of high-speed multitasking and finances

it will never lose in the race with the smartphone and tablets

Home assistant

It is always said that technology makes us lazy but we all have already started getting used to having an assistant like Siri or Alexa just to play a song at our voice command at present, they help to almost semi-automate the home soon it would be Alexa or Siri managing the entire house you can always sit around telling them to play songs


Yes, this is the most basic part of all the above tech but that doesn’t mean we can leave this out of the list internet is always the backbone of all the technology.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of national technology day, the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has offered gratitude to the scientist whose labour resulted in the successful Pokhran test in 1998

Let us know in the comment what according to you is the best technology that enhanced the human civilization

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