Without bringing up his military capabilities while doing so, a brilliant former Army officer assimilated a Seychelles International Business Company (IBC) after a short while in 2016 after the liberation of the Panama papers gleam the limelight on unofficial global money flows, an inspection of records of Pandora Papers divulge.

In December 2016, Lt General (pensioned) Rakesh Kumar Loomba lodged Rarint Partners Ltd in Seychelles along with their son Rahul Loomba. He mentioned in 2010, Lt Gen Loomba took control of the tactful post of Director General of Military Intelligence (DGMI). Preceding that, he was the General Officer Commanding of 3 squads.

After an inspection came about the restricted records of Aabol, an offshore helping hand based in Mahe, Seychelles, part of the Pandora Papers, discloses that Loomba’s establishment had an associated bank account with Mauritius ABC Banking Corporation, where father and son, as Directors of Rarint Partners Ltd, fasten the firm’s “expected” yearly turnover as $1 million.

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