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10 final Lessons From sacred text

Blogging lessons from the sacred text – Motivation

Writing a journal could be a piece of cake however obtaining no-hit in blogging could be a tedious task. to form your journal no-hit and become a professional blogger, you {certainly} got to develop certain skills. Being an obsessive follower of the sacred text, I believed to write down writing on blogging lessons from the sacred text. This sounds crazy, right?

But the sacred text story has such a lot to show the US. There square measure loads of skills and lessons we are able to learn from sacred text characters. Not solely they’re going to be useful in blogging however alternative aspects of life further.

Before we have a tendency to proceed to the article and begin to dig history, I do perceive that several non-native readers might not bear in mind sacred text (or not be well versed with it). Considering that, I’m giving a short introduction to the present nice Indian Mythological plot.

10 final Lessons From the sacred text, Mahabharat war
10 final Lessons From the sacred text, Mahabharat war

In a shell, sacred text is Associate in Nursing ancient Indian epic narrative of the Kurukshetra War (battle for the throne of Hastinapura) between the Kauravas and also the Pandavas. The story contains numerous stages and reasons that junction rectifier to Mahabharat war and the way Pandavas outnumbered Kauravas army with the assistance of God Krishna (who determined to not use weapons within the war). It conjointly contains philosophical and pious material. Among the principal works and stories within the sacred text, is that the Bhagavad Bhagavadgita (composed as a literary composition and contains several key topics associated with the Indian intellectual and religious tradition).

10 Blogging Lessons From sacred text

By now, you’d have gotten some plan regarding Mahabharat, if you didn’t have. There square measure such a big amount of things we are able to learn from sacred text however I even have chosen below the ten most significant lessons.

1) Quality Over amount (Krishna vs Narayani Sena)

One of the vital blogging lessons from the sacred text is going to be that continually opt for quality over amount. Before the war, each of the Pandavas and Kauravas had reached Dwarka to hunt facilitate from Yadavas. Krishna had clearly mentioned that he won’t use weapons during this war. Duryodhana (from Kauravas) and mythical being (from Pandavas) were asked to settle on between Krishna (weaponless) and powerful Narayani Sena (Krishna army). The mythical being had selected Krishna and Duryodhana chose Narayani Sena considering that they’re immense in numbers which can facilitate him to win the sacred text war. however because the war progressed, it clad to be a wrong call for Duryodhana. Krishna, while not even mistreatment weapons, junction rectifier the Pandavas to the finish.

Blogging lessons from the sacred text – Quality over amount

So, it’s continually judicious to travel for quality and not amount. This lesson holds for several things associated with your journal. One such instance is going to be once you try and write a variety of articles in your journal while not giving abundant quality. The keynote here is that notwithstanding you write one article per week and is of nice quality, it will come with a bunch of low-quality articles. Not solely your audience can like to browse that in-depth single post however it can even assist you in obtaining the next ranking in SERPs. you’d have detected from several skilled bloggers that ‘Content is King’. I do know it’s a platitude however value mentioning here.

The same lesson goes for backlinks conjointly. once you do backlinking, you ought to concentrate on the standard of the backlinks instead of the number of backlinks. Most bloggers build this error even I used to be one amongst them. I bought some low-cost backlinks that affected my journal badly and shortly I had to manually deny them from search engines.

2) Learning ne’er Ends

Another vital lesson sacred text teaches the US is that learning could be an endless method. we should always continue to learn no matter what comes in our means at any part of life at any time. Pandavas and Kauravas started their learning from Guru Drona in Gurukul in their young and learned several skills. however once they came to Hastinapura, Kauravs hardly learned anything. however, at an identical time, Pandavas continued to be told new things and improve their skills. mythical being loved Lord Shiva and learned Pashupatastra. He even got divine weapons from Indra. Bheema (one of the Pandavas) conjointly loved Lord Hanuman and located new ways to extend his strength and alternative vital lessons. Their learnings helped Pandavas win the sacred text war.

Lessons from the sacred text – Learning

Similarly, you ought to ne’er stop learning. continue learning new technologies or tools which might assist you in up your journal. You ne’er understand once a tiny low issue will do a giant amendment and might open new doors of opportunities.

3) Networking is Power (Have Powerful Allies)

Networking is incredibly vital for any business model. Having honest and constant friends/allies will assist you to win anyplace. Kauravas had extreme power and a prosperous kingdom – Sanskrit literature (the greatest empire of the time). however, Pandavas had no wealth, no power, and no kingdom. Before the Mahabharata battle, either side reached intent on numerous alternative kingdoms to own allies with them.

On one hand, Kauravas may manage many allies from recent relations like Gandhara (Shakuni), Sindhu (Jayadrath), and Shalya (by deceiving him). On the opposite hand, despite having nothing, Pandavas got several powerful allies – Panchala (through the wedding with Draupadi), Dwarka (through the wedding with mythical being and Subhadra), Matsya (through the wedding of Abhimanyu and Uttara), and therefore the Rakshasas (through the wedding of Bhima and Hidimba). it absolutely was the loyal networking power that helped Pandavas in Mahabharata Yudh.

Mahabharata lessons – Networking

The takeaway here could be a network with the proper folks and expand your reach. Connect with those who share an identical cause. Networking is one of every of the last word blogging lessons from Mahabharata. If you’re finding it tough to network with folks, be a part of online communities associated with your journal niche and facilitate fellow bloggers, and connect with them. you’ll be able to additionally deliver the goods by doing guest journaling on alternative bloggers and permitting alternative bloggers to post on your blog. Use social media to search out folks with identical interests as yours and connect with them.

4) 0.5 data Is Dangerous

This is an awfully widespread speech. within the Mahabharata Additionally, we have a tendency to bump into this instance. Duryodhana was terribly adamant concerning killing mythical beings thus – Abhimanyu so Kauravas aforethought the Chakravyuh (an unconquerable army formation that’s deadly enough to end the war in one day) to kill him in absence of Arjuna. mythical being knew a way to tackle the vyuh however he wasn’t obtainable in Kurukshetra as he had to travel and fight with the military approaching Matsya kingdom (one of the Pandavas’ allies). Abhimanyu solely knew a way to enter the Chakravyuha, however, he didn’t shrewdness to return out of it. Had Abhimanyu not gone within the vyuh, Kauravas had defeated the Pandavas army and won the battle. Hence, Abhimanyu set to interrupt the vyuh knowing that he can get to face the wrath of Kauravas Maharathis (likes of Karna, Guru Drona, Duryodhana, Ashwathama, Dushasana, and Shakuni) alone. His death at the hands of six nice warriors was one in every of the additional tragic and unjust acts committed within the Mahabharata war. He was brave and adventuresome which shows his nice character however 0.5 data price him his life.

Blogging lessons from Mahabharata – 0.5 data

This story offers the United States of America the lesson that if you would like to achieve success you wish to be ready for the task at hand. use caution once you attempt new things like shopping for services associated with your blogs, hard currency on advertisements (most of them are a rip-off), and active major changes in your journal in a period of time.

Another lesson we are able to learn from Abhimanyu is that Dedication is often larger than capability.

5) Passion continually notice Success

Karna, being captivated with learning athletics skills, educated the United States of America that if you’re fanatic to try to do one thing, you’ll continually notice some way to succeed. From the birth itself, he had to face several challenges – was abandoned by his mother Kunti (Pandavas mother; Karna was the elder brother of Pandavas however was unbroken as a secret by Kunti), fought discriminations all his life, was rejected by society, discarded by Guru Drona, affronted by Draupadi by business him Suta-Putra (son of lower caste) and refusing to marry him within the swayamwara. Being born within the lower caste, he was refused to find out athletics and alternative skills by speech that these skills were just for Kshatriyas (higher caste) and not for Suta (lower caste). however, his passion to find out light-emitting diode him to Lord Parashurama UN agency educated him the athletics and alternative divine skills. He became a good someone (equivalent or maybe additional powerful than Arjuna).

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Mahabharat life lessons – Passion

In conclusion, he virtually became a puppet within the hands of fate however was an ideal example of however one will fulfill one’s passion despite all the hurdles and challenges life throws at the United States of America. He conjures up the United States of America to figure towards our goals in spite of however tough things we have a tendency to bump into in our life. If we have a tendency, to be honest, and dedicated to our goal, we are going to conquer all the difficulties and can eventually reach the goal. So, if you’re captivated with blogging, you’ll be able to actually take your journal to newer heights. There ought to be no excuses. Keep experimenting together with your journal or tools or methods and you’ll undoubtedly see results for all efforts you created.

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6) Mistreatment ill-gotten Techniques Can’t assist you Win

Kauravas had Shakuni collectively of the key strategists. Throughout his life, he had solely centered on obtaining his work done albeit that needed mistreatment of ill-gotten techniques. He tried everything to create Duryodhana – the King Of Hastinapura. He even tried to kill Pandavas – by burning them within the fort of animal product, giving the poison mixed with a sweet dish to Bheema, taking part in the cruel dice game to create Pandavas slave and insult Draupadi by undressing her. Despite making an attempt at all the ill-gotten methods and strategies within the religious text war, he couldn’t defeat the Pandavas.

Life lessons from the religious text – ill-gotten techniques

Pandavas had Lord avatar because of the key deviser and planner. it absolutely was his knowledge, knowledge, and techniques that helped Pandavas to win the Kurukshetra religious text war.

This is one of the most effective blogging lessons from a religious text that bloggers ought to learn. we have a tendency to attempt all the incorrect and ill-gotten techniques to create our diary standard. Few of them embody – active Black Hat SEO techniques, link building mistakes, shopping for random traffic online, mistreatment cloaking in SEO, Cookie Stuffing, etc. we must always ne’er apply these techniques. you’ll see those fast results by doing so however later at some purpose you may face the implications conjointly which may even result in penalizing your website from the search engines. So, we must always play by the principles like following White Hat SEO techniques, mistreatment LSI keywords rather than Keyword stuffing, etc. it should take your time to point out the results however it’ll be a long-run success and you’ll positively have faith in them.

7) cooperation and proper Task Assignment

Building a team is a straightforward task however cooperation and task distribution square measure vital aspects. That’s what even we’ve seen in religious text similarly. Kauravas had an excellent team with several powerful Mahara this like Bheesham Pitaamaah, Guru Drona, and Angraaj Karna United Nations agency were undefeatable. they might not be defeated however still, they got killed and will not create Kauravas to win the religious text battle. One major issue missing was cooperation and a collective motive. Bheesham and Drona failed to wish to kill Pandavas and needed solely to capture them in order that Kauravas will win the war. Karna solely needed to kill Arjuna and prove he’s the best of all. He had secured Kunti that he won’t kill any of the opposite Pandavas.

But on the opposite aspect, Pandavas had a collective motive and proper task assignment.

  • Shikhandi was destined to kill Bheesham as per Lord Shiva’s boon
  • Drishtdhyum was destined to kill Guru Drona as he was born to try and do this
  • Arjuna was chosen to kill Karna
  • Bheem had pledged to kill all Kauravas and was assigned this task.
  • Yudhishtra, Nakul and Sehdev were assigned to kill the military of enemies, and alternative tasks supported their talent and skills.
  • They showed nice cooperation and won the historic war.

Blogging lessons from the religious text – cooperation

The lesson here is that the correct team is created by choosing the correct people. whereas operating in a very team, you ought to realize talent inside the team and assign tasks consequently. everybody incorporates a distinctive talent and skills. As bloggers, we have a tendency to tend to figure in a very team. we have a tendency to do have a group of individuals for writing the articles, managing the social channels, doing promoting activities, and alternative blogging-related stuff. we must always make sure that we have a collective goal and therefore the entire team is functioning to attain that goal with their individual skills and talent.

8) Keep Your Words & guarantees

Karna was terribly kind and generous. He believed in unselfish charity and thanks to that he was called Danveer. He had secure that when each morning prayers and SuryaNamaskaram if somebody begs him one thing he can present that while not an afterthought. Karna had a natural armor (Kavacha & Kundalas) provided by God Sun that acted as a defend whenever he was in peril. it absolutely was terribly precious to him and will have won the WAR for Kauravas. so as to guard Arjuna, his godfather Indra begged for almsgiving wherever he asked for each Kavacha & kundalas. Karna had already got the wind of it however he altruistically gave them to Indra. Indra was thus rapt by this gesture, he gave Karna his Vajra (a powerful weapon that might kill Arjuna).

Mahabharata war lessons – Keep Your guarantees

This teaches the USA that one must always keep his words. an equivalent rule goes for the USA as bloggers conjointly. we have a tendency to do affiliate promoting and promote several affiliate merchandise on our diary. whereas promoting them, we must always not concern |believe|consider|suppose|deem|trust|admit|accept|have confidence|have faith in|rely on|place confidence in} the profits solely however about the purchasers conjointly. we must always ne’er promote or advocate merchandise that we have a tendency to aren’t positive of or cannot use ourselves. If you have got used those merchandise yourself or square measure positive that they add worth and supply the answer to customers’ issues, solely then you ought to advocate them. forever|we must always} always stand by our words and guarantees guarantees

9) Motivation is that the Key To Success

Just before the beginning of the war, mythical beings were denied killing Bheesham Pitaamah and alternative relatives. He asked avatar if he was committing any sin by murdering his pricey ones simply because of a bit of land. Lord avatar stood up and intended him. That was the time Bhagwat Geeta was shaped. avatar told him the reality of life. one of the foremost quoted Bhagwad Geeta quotes is – Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma Phaleshu Kada Chana. It tells the US that we should always solely perform our duty and will not be entitled to the fruits of action. those that acquire information solely to realize one thing else can ne’er be able to extract truth virtue of it. it absolutely was the sturdy motivation provided by an avatar that junction rectifier to the Pandavas success.

Blogging lessons from Mahabharatum – Motivation

Motivation is another one amongst the necessary blogging lessons from Mahabharatum. It shows that after you area unit intended you’ll do something and may bring home the bacon your goal. Motivation is that the propulsion that drives you to accomplish goals and it’s necessary for all kinds of success. everybody has their own reasons and ways that to induce intended – Giving yourself a bequest and notice reasons why you must succeed, etc.

10) generally Smaller Sacrifices need to Be created

After the mythical being killed Jayadratha with the assistance of Lord avatar, Kauravas determined to attack Pandavas camp within the night itself to kill the mythical being. Karna had got the deadliest weapon from the Hindu deity that might kill mythical beings in order that they wished to bring mythical beings before Karna at any value. avatar knew this strategy and asked Bheema to require to facilitate from his devil son – Gatotkachcha. Gatotkachcha started destroying Kauravas’ army. avatar wished to avoid wasting mythical beings and he knew Karna are forced to use that weapon on Gatotkachcha to avoid wasting Kauravas rather than mythical beings. avatar sacrificed Gatotkachcha’s life to avoid wasting Arjuna’s life.

Mahabharata blogging lessons – Sacrifice

Similarly, success doesn’t return with any worth. we have a tendency to additionally got to sacrifice some things from time to time to realize our goal. Blogging additionally needs several sacrifices if you wish to achieve success during this. It asks for sleepless nights and deed comforts (partying, hanging out with friends, observation movies, etc) to figure on the journal and loads of patience. At times, you furthermore may get to administer some cash from your pocket to speculate in your journal. It additionally includes shopping for some premium tools or services which can eventually facilitate your website.

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“Reflecting on December: A Month of Festivities, Reflection, and Hope”

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